From Poshmark to Ebay

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Kirsti has been a longtime seller on Ebay, Poshmark, and online. These are the things that she has learned over the years to be successful. Grow your business!

Going from Poshmark to Ebay

You have been a successful seller on Poshmark and are now ready to venture out using eBay? It may have a learning curve to begin with, but cross posting has been proven to increase sales. What are some of the differences between Poshmark and eBay? How do you get started? And most importantly, how can you be successful?

The Differences

Marketplace Size – One is the fact that eBay has three times as many users, which means higher chances of selling. However, on Poshmark, you have a very niche following exclusively focused a smaller set of categories. Poshmark’s community is also highly engaged by nature of its social nature… which leads us to our next difference.

Time Commitment – eBay will take much less of your time since you do not have to share your items after posting, as you do in Poshmark. You may decide to make offers, promote or update listings. But really eBay uses its own algorithm and search engine optimization for your items to be seen by buyers. That requirement of less time is such a major plus when it comes to using eBay.

Shipping – a major difference between the two platforms, shipping may take some getting used to is the shipping. Poshmark basically has a flat shipping rate, you print out the label and ship out. But with eBay, you will need to choose the manner of shipping based on weight and size. A perk though is that eBay will give you a shipping discount. This may require just a little more time and thinking, but it is not difficult at all and in the long run, you may make more profit on your item.

Fee Structure – eBay’s fee structure is far more complicated than Poshmark and depending on how you handle shipping they will either be on par. While in most cases I have found that Poshmark has less fees overall, eBay does stand out for the sale of higher value items.

How to be Successful?

After setting up your eBay account, if you do not already have one, it will be time to set up your store. Now, it’s true that you do not have to have a store, but you will only be able to list 50 items per month, may pay higher fees, and may not have access to promotional tools.

If you choose to open a store, choose which tier would suit you the best. Each will provide a certain number of free listings per month and certain fees. Your choice could be changed or adjusted later if needed.

The key to being successful on eBay like any other market is to be consistent! Post listings regularly. Ebay’s algorithm will see that you are an active seller.

Also, ship out in a timely manner and always describe your items accurately, especially if there are any flaws. Doing these things can lead to great feedback, more sales, and being labeled a “Top Seller”. With such a great reputation, eBay will make sure your items are seen in searches.

If you keep all of this in mind when considering cross-posting to eBay, you will find your journey there a successful one!

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