Reseller Must-Haves for Listings that Sell

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I have been an online reseller for several years, this started as a hobby because I loved to shop and the thrill of a hunt for a good bargain. I hope my learnings can help you find the must-have tools to create listings that sell.

Items used for listing Preparation

Handheld Steamer – You always want your products to show their best. I highly recommend quickly steaming your items before photographing them if they are wrinkled. I have tried a few of these but I like the Hilight Handheld Steamer.

Lint Remover – simple lint remover rolls you can find at the Dollar Tree or Target. It makes a world of difference in the appearance for such a minor investment. If you’re looking for something a bit more effective these by Scotch-Brite will do the trick.

Soft Tape Measure – Another item that you can easily get from your local Dollar Store or Amazon

Clothing Shaver – this little item can bring back some of the worst-looking items to their new glory. I use the one by Conair and love it!

Get Recognized with Great Photos

Smartphone – Most marketplaces have a mobile app that streamlines listing items for sale. Additionally, today’s smartphones have such amazing camera quality that there simply isn’t an easier way to take photos.

Lighting & Backdrops – Of all the items on this list, lighting, and backdrops have probably been my most experimented with and most expensive investment. I own 4 different lighting studio kits. I have built my own backdrop stands and painted rooms trying to get that perfect photo. I’m happy to say I’ve finally found it! Check out my latest product images below.

The secret to has been this amazing lightbox and a white sheet. Yes, this is an expensive item, but if you’re going to be taking photos at volume, this is a must-have investment. The photos you see above are all without post-processing or editing. This has saved me significant time. The white sheet aids in hiding the metal bars in the lightbox for taking photos of long dresses and coats.

Mannequin Mannequins show the customer how the item will fit. It also makes the photos come out significantly better and help you get more money for your items. I highly recommend getting one like this without arms. It makes putting on the clothes so much easier! 

Flat Lay boards – You are sure to have a variety of items to list and find that not all items display well on a mannequin. A flat lay board is the next must-have tool to take great photos. While you could go as simple as poster board, I recommend using foam core board to prevent creasing and durability. You can also find this board at most office supply and craft stores.

In my next post I will talk about what is needed to stand out, turning a buyer into a customer!


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