Is Thrifting During a Pandemic Still Possible?

Due to the rapid spreading of the novel coronavirus, countries have shut down all non-essential businesses. Unfortunately, this shutdown includes the majority of the brick-and-mortar retail sector. For established brands, the move to online shopping hasn’t been difficult at all. However, family-owned thrift shops and other small businesses are struggling.

For example, large corporate brands like Nike have a well-established online scene thanks to their popular app, SNKRS. Shopping as we knew it has, well, strictly moved online. Despite being well-established, popular second-hand shopping outlets like Tj Maxx and Marshalls are not in business. This prevents customers from shopping for the brands they love at affordable prices.

Many retail-consumers strictly shop from thrift stores as it allows them to budget money for other essentials. With the most popular thrift outlets being closed temporarily, what are these consumers supposed to do? Fortunately, they don’t have to throw in the towel just yet!

Sure, Tj Maxx and Marshalls are closed, but there’s a variety of other second-hand shopping websites for you to find the brands you love. Websites such as eBay, Poshmark, Embrace Sisu, and Gilt are still operational. Much like physical thrift stores, these websites offer a rotating inventory of your favorite brands with an affordable price tag.

Embrace Sisu lets us buy name-brand handbags, dresses, and even home goods – just like Tj Maxx. Other websites like Poshmark and Gilt do the exact same thing! Sure, social distancing is a huge inconvenience, but at least we don’t have to give up the thrifting just yet!

But I like shopping thrift in-store because I know what I’m buying – I can try it on there and return it if I don’t like it. How can I be sure that I can trust these websites to handle returns/personal information?

I get it, shopping online from websites that aren’t Amazon or large brands can be a tough decision. With constant product-advertising on social media, it’s easy to believe that there are more stores than there are products.

But rest assured, the second-hand websites mentioned above offer a safe, secure, and ethical shopping experience. These brands know that thrifting is a unique shopping experience and they want to make sure consumers feel comfortable shopping with them.

You’ll be pleased to know that these companies offer the ability to make returns, access to support agents, and overall buyer/purchase protection. They know you love the brand that you’re buying… that’s why they ensure that the products/services they sell are up to the quality you expect.

As a fellow shopper, I feel your pain. This virus is absolutely annoying and reminds us not to take ordinary life for granted. Thankfully, these websites allow us to enjoy new products and save money for food and Netflix subscriptions while we quarantine at home.

With that being said, good luck to everyone and happy thrifting!

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